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We are East PDX. We live here.

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Welcome to East PDX. This is an incredibly diverse and geographically vast area of Portland, Oregon. We have: beautiful natural areas, such as Powell Butte; gorgeous murals, such as the one at the Boys & Girls Club in Lents, or the various murals in the secret alleys in Foster-Powell, or the brand-new mural at the Trimet station at NE 82d; international foods and markets; wonderful parks that were hard fought for and are lovingly maintained; and people from all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds who know hard work, struggle, hope, success, and giving back. 

After following the @sweden Twitter account for many years, we thought it would be a good model to highlight the people in East Portland. Our Twitter handle is @eastpdx and each week we have a new curator who lives in east portland tweeting for us. our aim is to show the diversity of backgrounds, ideas, activities, identities, struggles, and successes that exist here in East Portland, which is quite different from the version of Portland you may know from the show Portlandia or from articles you've read in the New York Times (which has a huge crush on Portland).

Curators may write about whatever they want, so long as they don't: violate the law or promote violating the law, violate Twitter's rules, engage in hate speech, promote commercial brands other than showing their own work as part of their story, promote violence, or threaten anyone's safety.

Follow along each week to get to know a new East Portlander.

If you'd like to apply to be a Twitter curator for a week, please fill out this form.

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